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About Us

Sackett Auto Repair is family owned and has operated for more than 16 years. Several of our key employees have been with us since we opened in 2002. All of the technicians are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified and put great pride in their work. 
Sackett Auto has “factory” scan tools for more than 90% of the cars in our area. We use All Data and Identifix to keep up with the ever-changing car industry and to make sure the technicians can repair any vehicle brought into the shop.
Sackett Auto Repair’s business strategy is to provide every customer with exceptional customer service, car repair using the best and newest equipment and technology available, and fast turn-around time. We acknowledge that car problems can be an unfortunate inconvenience. Therefore, we offer free shuttle service to help our customers fit their car repair needs as convenient to their lifestyle as possible. We also have a very clean and comfortable waiting area for anyone wishing to wait while their vehicle is being serviced.



The Answers You Need

Is a rebuilt transmission better than a used one?

You can either have the transmission repaired, which involves replacing the damaged parts only. You may even purchase a used one online or from a junkyard. However, the third and most reliable option is a transmission rebuild. The quality of a rebuilt transmission is without a doubt reliable.

What are the symptoms of a bad timing belt?

  • Ticking noise coming from the engine. The timing belt is attached by way of a series of pulleys to the engine's crank and cam shaft. ...

  • Engine won't turn over. If the timing belt has broken inside, the engine will not be able to turn over or ignite. ...

  • Engine misfires. ...

  • Oil leaking from in front of the motor.

What is air conditioning service for cars?

Air Conditioning. Your car's air conditioning does much more than just cool the inside of your car. When working properly, air conditioning helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and any airborne bacteria, greatly improving the quality of air inside yourvehicle.

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